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Welcome to Synchronised Care's Specialist Care page, where we understand that unique needs require specialised solutions. 

Our dedicated team is committed to providing exceptional care for individuals facing complex and specific health challenges. Whether you or your loved one requires specialised medical attention or assistance with a particular condition, our comprehensive specialist care services are designed to enhance quality of life, promote independence, and provide the highest level of support. 

Discover how Synchronised Care can make a positive difference in your life through our personalised and expert approach to specialist care.

Compassionate Expertise in 
Specialist Care

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We empower individuals to engage in self-care practices, promoting physical and emotional well-being through independence and choice.

Encouraging Self-Care



 Feeling Safe and Socially Included

Our specialized care fosters a sense of safety and inclusion, creating a supportive environment that encourages social engagement.

We prioritise maintaining independence by offering assistance tailored to individual capabilities, enabling a sense of autonomy.

Maintaining Independence


Our live-in care services provide continuous support and companionship, ensuring comfort and security around the clock.

Live In Care


Enjoy quality social interactions and engage in meaningful activities with our caregivers to combat loneliness and enhance your well-being.

Social Time



Understanding Ritualistic or Restricted Behaviour

We have the knowledge and experience to understand and address ritualistic or restricted behaviors sensitively, promoting comfort and security.

Our dedicated team assists in the recovery process, offering expert care and support for those recuperating from injuries or illnesses.

Injury or Illness Recovery


Autism Support


We provide understanding and guidance for individuals with autism, fostering a safe and supportive environment that promotes their unique strengths and needs.

Our caregivers offer expert support to help you or your loved one safely transition to and from bed, ensuring comfort and security.

Dementia Support


What our service users had to say...

June B

Synchronised Care is brilliant. The staff are very professional and take great care in ensuring you receive the best care possible. The carers are friendly and feel like very good friends, and nothing is too much trouble. I have no qualms in recommending them to anyone that needs care, be it just basic or as in my case, initially needed care four times a day, but now with their help, my confidence has grown, and my outlook on life has improved. So I say a great big thank you to them for all the continuing care they give me.

S A (Client) 

I've been a service user for over a year. With the help and support from Synchronised care management and staff, I am now able to lead an independent life where I don’t have to be worn out and ill over day-to-day household tasks. I am now able to manage my household, cooking and studying.
The staff are very caring, and the management is very creative and has helped by creating individualised care plans to support my needs.

Z S (Daughter-in-law of Client)

Synchronised Care has been a total God send for us. The carers are all absolutely amazing; they are extremely attentive and really do feel like members of the family. They're all so personable and really make you feel at ease.
The service has been absolutely wonderful; they cater to my father-in-law's every need. We couldn't ask for more from this company. We couldn't do it without them!

Kathleen W

I would like to say a massive thank you to all staff who looked after my brother in his last few weeks of life. The care and support he received were absolutely above and beyond our expectations. I would definitely recommend this company to look after your loved ones 100%.

Brenda S

I used Synchronised Care to help me look after my auntie, who sadly passed away in December 2021. From the day I employed them (which was two years nearly to the day to the passing), they never let me down, in fact, when times were hard, they helped by doing more or extending their visits.
They contacted me immediately if they thought there was a problem so we could discuss it.
I always felt comfortable with them and trustworthy.

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